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♪ gerri: we talked earlier about the book lynen. this is what we're talking about , calling her a feminist manifesto a how-to career guide. what do you think? we ask don are women too aggressive or not aggressive enough? 58% of you said to aggressive. 42 percent said not aggressive enough. i guess we have a lot of male viewers. be sure to log on to
10:01 pm for our on-line question every weekday. finally tonight, left-wing radicals and union bosses unite. america's largest labor federation, the afl-cio is sending its employees to the 2013 world social forum. it is not a tea party. later this monthorkers can attend events including lectures on the demise of capitalism. and a slew of propose to fight proposals raising -- ranging from israel to economic growth and meeting and the oppression of pets. i wish i was kidding. socialist group website said it is devising ideas to solve problems of social inequality, the process of capital as globalization is creating internationally. and you wonder why unions are losing. if they had their workers' beset interests at heart they might consider attending a business won a one class instead. that's my "2 cents more."
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that's it for tonight on he willis report". don't forget to rerds showed heannot get his life. have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. president obama today on capitol hill to meet with congressional republicans for the first time in two years, but not before giving an explosive interview when he effectively dismissed the possibility of any budget deal with the republican party, contradicting the origin of the order to cancel white house dos due to the sequestered and using the sequester to enhance his claims that major deficit reduction has already occurred on his watch. we will have all of that for you tonight. also, wall street, the dow jones industrial average closing at a record high for a seventh stock
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trading station in a row. the longest streak since november of 1996 and the gains for the dow marked the ninth consecutive winning session. well, the vatican city erupted in euphoria as cardinal bergoglio is elected ponff. he took the name paul princess and becoming the first pope ever elected from the americas. both francis described as a man of the people, boards and argentina to an italian immigrant father and a strong defender of conservative catholic values. fox news correspondent shannon green with the report. >>ne of five children born to an italian immigrant father, originally had planned to become a chemist, but he abandoned those in favor of the priesthood and spent much of his career teaching others. the first pope from the americas is staunchly orthodox on the issues of abortion, contraception, and same-sex
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maiage can't even provoking a public rebuke from argentina's president after opposing legislation giving new inheritance and adoption rights to gay couples. >> i don't think that any person of conscience would be concerned about a rebuke, whether it is a president or whether it is -- we have to do what we have to do, and that means of pulled the teachingof the church, teachings of christ himself. >> reporter: a more progressive catholic organizations know that of france's will not break with church doctrine on liberal social issues and are encouraged about the example he set by visiting aids patients, kissing and washing the feet and his commitment to the poor. >> pple don't know this, but he is somebody shoeshine having a large palace for his bishopric he is somebody takes public transit to work. he kicks his own meals. that is unusual. have someone in the vatican in the chair of st. peter who represents those values is something that we need in the 21st century. >> reporter: this seems to be strong enthusiasm about the fact that the electors selected a man from a region where protestant evangelicals have been making
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strong gains. >> i think it is interesting because we see the church growing all around the world. the eurocentric focus. now we see emerging church is in asia and latin america and africa. so i think that the cardinals made a strong statement about the growth of the church and the revitalization of the church that will come from places most especially like latin america. >> reporter: lawmakers in washingt are offering their congratulations as well. >> i'm happy that they were able to come to a choice as quickly as they did. i think that reaching out beyond the traditional economy of our church is another big step in the right direction. >> reporter: the president along with first lady said is one wishes to the new pope in a statement that reads in part by look forward to working with his holiness to advance peace, security, and dignity for our fellow human beings fifth regardless of faith.
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we have also learned that vice-president biden will trav to rome for the pope's installation. lou: thank you very much. fox news correspondent. turning back to washington. the president asked by an unnamed republican whether white smoke would be emanating from the capitol building after today's meeting with republicans . the president responding, i think that straining the analogy a lot of folks would agree with them. not a surprising sentiment considering the president gave a national interview before the meetg trying to downplay the possibility of striking any kind of bipartisan deal on budgets cut taxes, and deficit reduction. >> it may be that the differences are just too white if their position is we cannot do any revenue or we can only do revenue if we get medicare or get social security or get medicaid. if that is the position and we are probably not going to be able to get a deal. lou: congressman paul ryan, the author of the republican budget
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calling the president'sur reach effort, if that's what it is, and fiscal wishes not terribly charming. the president also claiming dung that interview with abc that the white house did not order the controversial closure of white house tours. that is the statement that his own press secretary disputed just hours later. >> the secret service made the decision about its budget and to withdraw personnel from to worse . cancel the taurus. it is our job to cancel the taurus. they cannot cancel them. because this is not a tour of the secret service building but tour of the white house and grounds. we run the taurus and the invitations and process. so the white house, as we said, canceled the taurus. lou: the white house canceled the taurus. meanwhile, the president not only disputing the existenceeof a debt crisis, president obama used to sequester gusty --
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sequester cutso claim his administration has already made enough cuts to get the deficit under control, the very same sequester that he spent more than a month trying to scare the american people about. >> we don't have immediate crisis in terms of debt if the sequester stays in. you have over three and a half trillion dollars in deficit reduction already. lou: considering the president's so-called our reach to republicans, my first guest tonight says republicans have a frank discussion with the president but says also, there are still significant policy differences. joining us now, congressman, member of the committee, chairman of the subcommittee on immigration, border security, member of the house oversight committee. congressman, great have you with us. it does not sound like the president was expecting much, and he delivered. what do you think? >> well, i appreciate all of the rest of the conference appreciate in making the trip to capitol hill. as you noted, it has been veral years.
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the ideological rift between the two parties is significant. the bigger risk, however, is the trust. and many of us would have liked to have seen that interview before we had a chance to question him this afternoon. he complained about a lack of trust on our behalf. we, frankly, think that his goal in 2014 is to hand the speer's gavel to nancy pelosi. so that does not mean that we can get things done, but if you don't trust each other than your not going to fix that and an hour-long meeting with a bunch of politicians. i do -- i do compliment him for coming. last time he asked us to get to the white house. it's a lot easier for him to travel than it is for all of us. he was gracious. he answered our questions. but the reality remains, there is a deep difference. and in your opening segment the fact that he insists on using the words that medicare committee were serious about
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reaching across the aisle then he would complement of four trying to reform medicare. the use of the word gotust in the conversation. so if this is a charm offensive, it is not goi to be successful if it ii a desire to see if we can do something and immigration orange alma reform, he needs to change his rhetoric a little bit and quit talking about getting this and getting that. lou: congressman, you are a straight talking congressman. in 2010 we saw republicans do pretty well. 2012, you republicans were trying to run an election. now the president seems to want to run another election and take the house of representatives back in 2014. i personally see that as politics and nothing for anyone to get excited about. the fact is time we talked about the ideological divide between youtube.
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there is nothing. there is nothing new about that in my opinion. why is it that you all cannot just talk? >> just talked? well, it is tough in one hour to unlock the mysteries of the wod. lou: first of all, if we are going to get to that level we don't want you folks doing it. all right? >> of albany. i don't want to be in the room. nothing paul ryan might to do it, but the rest of us probably coul't. immigration reform, there may be an opportunity there to do some things, some things, but as soon as you try out the word mprehensive immigration reform, that is another pejorative way of referring to it. entitlement reform. he made a b deal today is that if we were all about keepi us out of office in 2014 he would not be talking about in town and reform. then i listened to a klipper is talking to george stephanopoulos and the use the phrase cut medica. lou: you know, i'm going to be talking about that phrase, and we are going to go through in
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the "chalk talk" tonight on this very broadcast, and were going to show what the word that means as congressman paul ryan, the chairman of the house and budget committee has constructed. and i just want to say right now come when the president refers to you all getting the republican budget, getting entitlements, that's going to make one simple mistake. in point of fact, the ryan republican budget does not, does not cut spending on a single entitlement over the course of the next ten years. how can you get something if you don't cut spending? >> the same way we cut spending in washington by spending $115 instead of 120 that somebody as pork. that is considered a cat. lou: you guys are offensive down there. as you know. let me ask you very quickly.
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gun-control, the background checks bill, comprehensive immigration reform quickly. we have seen this act so many times before. so-called comprehensive immigration reform. is it going to go anywhere in your judgment? >> i think that tone is different. i think more realistically we will have certain pieces of wt people call comprehensive immigration reform. there really are controversial. whether that is in agricultural remedy, e-verify the, kind of revising our immigration policy, making it more skills base, i think there is an appetite for that. all you want his citizenship for 12 million folks who will vote for you and the next democratic election, we are probably not going to let that happen. lou: i will put you down as adverse to that. >> well, if that is their motive you can put me down as el nino. with respect to gun control, i prosecuted drug cases. they are serious about keeping people who are criminally
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mentally ill from getting any kind of weapon including a slingshot, be happy to help them. this attorney general does not prosecute people who currently fail background checks. so why in the world would we give him more laws to not enforced? lou: you know, i love the fact that secretary of homeld security has assureded us all tt the border is secure and safe and then we find -- then we find out after the homeland security department reports apprehensions are down 50 percent, over the past two years they have quit counting the number of illegal immigrants who get away. that kind of raises some suspicion about the count, doesn't it? >> yes, sir. she quit doing the lion fourth thing you will find that your dui address are down. that is not high-level logic. she also thinks that the border is secure, yet we missed 2,000 ak-47s the one from phoenix to mexico. a kilo of cocaine is cheaper today than it was when i was a
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drug prosecutor. back to immigration. part of the immigration piece is certifying that the border is secured. if they insist on her being our assurance that the borders secure, no, we're not going to have immigration reform. lou: congressman, thank you for being here. always good to talk. >> thank you. yes surf. lou: much more on the budget battle. the mixed messages to much conflicting messaggs, the outright lies emanating from a whole bunch of folks, and we are going to talk about some curious statemen by the president and his white house staff throughout tonight's program. the president's charm offensive may be wearing off. republicans who met with the president today. we take it up in tonight's "chalk talk." it has been years since the dow jones industrials has set records like these. deutsche bank securities joins deutsche bank securities joins us next. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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♪ lou: total market cap of 205 billion today. it looked like he was going to be a huge loss today at various points. it might be. the bulls ran over the naysayers. those who keep predicting market ddom. senior economist for deutsche bank is here with us. first, let's take a look at what happened today on wall street. strong retail sales in bed you very surprising, well, a lot of folks who had been expecting less than half of the performance that was turned in. the dow jones industrials up for a ninth day in a row, nine straight. the industrls in theireventh straight record close. the longest record-setting streak. a string of eight record closes back in november of 1996. up 05 points.
10:20 pm
a benchmark. for four. we will do this a few points at the time it looks like. s&p 500 up getting it back to coal within 11 points of its record high set back in october of 2007. the nasdaq gained three. don't worry about the record close. 3 billion shares traded on the big board. in the commodities market, gold down 330. coming up $0.2. over in the bond market, rates steadied. the government ten years spinning at 2%. my next guest boosting his forecast on growth, stronger than expected retail sales and inventories. joining me now with his outlook, a senior u.s. economist. good to have you here. to look dn at those numbers. that is pretty impressive. you're talking about growth of 3%. >> it's pretty remarkable, especially looking at the february numbersconsidering what we know happened in
10:21 pm
february, a tax increase, the start of the year, tax refunds were delayed. gas prices increased very sharply in the month. on top of that the weather map looked like grand central terminal for a snowstorm. lou: iust want to inject, when you say refund's amount of refunds were affected on this, as we understand it. that is just a narrow portion, if you will. still significant. >> there were some delays. that meant refund checks. lou: it was not therises felt we should point out. >> it was the fiscal cliff issue lou: as we look at this, the forecast adjustment, you look at net exports, and that inspired you. >> part of it is net exports. that is a sector that it really carry the economy from the end of the recession up until about middle of last year, and then it dropped off as things fell apart in europe, china growth wobbled, japanese growth looked pretty soft as well. lou: happeni in japan. >> i love it.
10:22 pm
and more iortantly, the economy looks fantastic. the housing sector continues to skyrocket. lou: don't tell me. >> spending. lou: what they call that? cnbc, something like that. you would think that they were owned by pan tell the way they're talking about the reverse rotation from the bond. it's hilarious to watch that nonsense. and we have evidence right in front of us, as you point out. i mean, look at this housing market. >> this speaks to the resilience of t u.s. economy. after all of these years there is pent-up demand for housing, pent-up demand from businesses for capital investment and hiring. maybe this is the year that it finally comes together. we have had some false starts in the past couple of years. the difference this year is the housing market is finally coming back. and number two, banks lending again. household businesses are willing to take on credit.
10:23 pm
lou: wget a lot of. [indiscernible] economists. some suggesting banks and lending, saying they're not. we have to move more money into the retail space. what say you? >> when we look at the latest lending figures we can see that banks are lending and it is happening across categories, auto loans, commercial and industrial loans, most lagging sector is mortgages but that is even starting to show some signs of life. banks and lending in areas appetite for loans. lou: carl, as we wrap this thing up, what are you still just outrageously bullish on in this market? >> even more so after today's figures. lou:ll right. >> despite a $200 billion tax hike at the beginning of the year the economy is performing well and it is likely to accelerate as the year wears on in the labour market for. lou: these crazy folks that we have done in washington d.c. will do anything to try.
10:24 pm
this president seems hell bent on an outrageous conclusion. the free-market has demonstrated its power of resilience. levitt. great to have you with this. may your forecast the 100 percent. >> i hope so. lou: accused murderer takin the stand in her own defense for an 18th straight day in court. our legal team joins us tonight to analyze her testimony and to take a look at the broad, broad landscape of this land. and this is where we're headed legally. an abrupt aut-face on the president's charm offensive. more offensive than charm. just ahead of the meeting with republans. the chalk talk tonight starting out with what is and so charming ♪ [ male announcer ] how can power conmption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain,
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♪ lou: well, we have a new pope,
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but the big deal in washington today is the big meeting between the president and the house to publicans. the president also spent some time with friendly media last night to make sure there is no expectation that preside obama was anything other than charming, at least when he and the democrats and the media come together, and they call that charming. the rest of us might call it something else. paul ryan said basically not so charming. the president making certain democrats know that he may be in this same room with republicans from time to time, bute is not really negotiating. >> if their position is we can't do any revenue or we can only do revenue if we get medicare o get social security or get mecaid, if that is the position that we're probably not going to be able to get a deal. lou: getting social security and medicare? mr. president, such language. in your second term?
10:29 pm
you have been doing this for four years and that's the best you could do with the rhetoric? we have been led by your performance to expect more and better by now. the truth is, the truth, as you well know, republicans are not getting a thing. and we will show you just how that works. it is really simple and will set your mind at ease, mr. president. the ryan budget does not get anything. it raises spending. not a dime. not a dime. it raises spending cuts is not as quickly as current law. the budget committee chairman would increase spending by 41 trillion. that is over ten years. that would be like this, if i may. tenures. now, the current pass would be to raise spending by
10:30 pm
$46 trillion. wow. and in here we call this the gatt, don't we, mr. president? that is the gatt. that is, what we call this down here? though, that is what we call reality. truth. that is what we call that. and they get is up here and the tree this year. it does not look very get it, does it? and then there was the assessment about our mountain of debt. lou: we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. for the next ten years it is going to be on a sustainable path. lou: sustainable? my gosh, that is amazing tt president obama still says things like this. i'm thinking more artful ways to say that. perhaps i will be that his speech writers and political advisers. i think republicans are simply stunned at this point.
10:31 pm
the democrats, however, are in full agreement with the president. don't tell me president obama is not intent on destroying this economy when he says $16 trillion, $16 trillion is, well, not a problem for most economists. you kidding me? not to mention, when senator obama was in the senate and told the senate back in 2006 that our risingebt was a hidden domestic enemy, an enemy. not sustainable, an enemy. he is, by the way, our debt was less than half what it yesterday when he said that. just over $8 trillion. find a place to put a $. and this was a president who just last night defended his policy to a former clinton
10:32 pm
adviser turned abc host george stephanopoulos. >> balancing the budget in part depends on how fast you grow. you remember. you were in the clinton administration. the reason you guys ballast was a combination of some tax hikes, @%ending cuts, and the economy grew. and so, you know, my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. lou: just for the sake of balance. my goodness. under president clinton federal spending averaged, if i may suggest, 19 rcent of gdp. under clinton. by comparison, spending under the obama administration of the past four years has averaged 24 and a half percent of gdp. you can see how like those are. the president's charm offensive is turning out to be far less
10:33 pm
energetic than his assault on fiscal reality and the truth. and this word sustainable drives me crazy when he says it. sustainable. here's the deal, if i can indulge in a little our work. this is a building. okay? and this is us. okay? we leap off the building and we get to about your. now, right now -- and this is before. this is a sustainable, i guess, and the president's you. but what happens when you hear? this, we don't want to do. the problem is, if you don't do something between here and here sustainable, sustainable becomes a meaningless word. what we really need to do is return to fiscal truth and
10:34 pm
reality so that we don't have to find out about this part othe equation. you can bet tt mainstream liberal media will in no way hold the president accountable for his physical charm, and it is not certain republicans think it is worth there while to talk to a man who is in utter denial or compelled to deceive. it seems to me there are only two choices in that instance. >> president obama giving a big speech to the 0fa tonight does of a stand for organizing for action or organizing for access? the "a-team" figures it out. vice-president biden stepped up to a microphone and, yes, here we go again. on the stand for the 18th day. in an ohio the rape trial of the 16 year-old robins. 16 year-old robins. the dobbs forum is n this is $100,000.
10:35 pm
16 year-old robins. the dobbs forum is n we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take aime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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♪ lou: in just completed her testimony in a phoenix core room. her 18th day on the witness stand. facing the death penalty for the murder of her former boyfriend, travis alexander. prosecutors grilling her over her self-describe fog and memory lapses about the day of the murder. she stabbed alexander 27 times, shot him twice in the face, slashed his throat. prosecutors claim in a jealous rage. she maintains alexander h grown physically abusive in the mohs leading after his death and that she killed him in self-defense. joining us now, fox news legal analyst in criminal defense attorney. we are delighted to have you with us. and criminal defense attorney, fox is contributor. delighted to have you. >> thank you, sir. lou: let's start with you, literally moments ago she rapped a protest money on the stand. how effective has she been?
10:39 pm
>> finally. lou: finally. >> eighteen days on the stand was really 18 too much. she did not have a choice because of a self-defense claim. oh, my goodness. these jurors do not believe a word coming out of her mouth. it is evidence from the 3,000 questions that the astor. a problem for her is if they don't believe her she is guilty. if they do believe her she could actually win. there is not a prayer that happens. >> i even think they do believe for a she still doesn't win because, look, self-defense is common-sense. you're afraid. you are defending yourself because you think someone is about to up to five you're only allowed to kill someone if you think you are about to be killed in your home. outside the fall to some outside of the have an obligation to flic. she put forth this defense -- lou: not in every state. >> yes. i apologize. she puts forth this a sense that they have raunchy sex and that he did. and so she was afraid of him.
10:40 pm
she never says, i was afraid, he was about to kill me. that's what you have t do. let's get 12 jurors and say the reason why i stepped in 47 times, the reason why shot him and said, such as drug is because i thought if i didn't do that i was going biggest ad, i was going to get shot and i was going to be killed. >> she can't do that because that was when she was in her fog. this woman cannot remember what she had for lunch and the first tuesday in may in the eighth grade, but she cannot remember stabbing her lover 27 times and shooting him in the head. that is a problem. lou: and they seem to have another problem. she has been abused, but there has been no testimony or evidence. they may change that tomorrow as the defense retains. >> eighteen days on the stand. >> i cannot think of an analogy to you held serve that is. i have never heard it dozens of attorneys.
10:41 pm
never any witness. let alone. and both sides, the prosecutor did not need toelabor this. he made his point in the first and a half. it has set down. as you just said, managers would have paid attention. their eyes were literally in the back of their head. lou: and going to change cases. brooklyn supreme court justice was supposed to have suspended the license of a man who crashed into a family killing and. it turns out that the judge who was supposed to have suspended the license, as he was required by law to do, did not do it. again, supreme court justice, brooklyn supreme court justice. what in the world is going to happen to that judge for what he is directly responsible for? >> you know what, let me defend him for a minute. he is responsible for not following the law and not suspending driving privileges of this person.
10:42 pm
now, when the person and the accident killing the family of three which included an unborn child, he could have done that with the driver's license, without a driver's license, and there is no evidence that that accident was caused by alcohol. the problem is the month before when he was arraigned on the w charges and when his license should have been suspended. the only thing i can say is if the cops did not follow the letter of the lock the judge would have had a right to not suspend pending prosecution, but we don't have those facts available. lou: we have one other fact that i neglected to put forward. that is that he is a carr criminal convicted of manslaughter previously. your thoughts? >> open disclosure. i have practiced before him on a somewhat regar basis. lou: i'm just guessg here. probably not going to be enthusiastic credit. >> he has an excellent retation in the courthouse. this is an aberration. i would say in his career he has handled, without exaggeration,
10:43 pm
10-20000 cases. and from what i am reading it seems like he made a mtake in this case. when you are a judge in the make a mistake there are severe consequences. i don't think anything is going to happen to him. and now he has a conscience and i know if he thinks that this caused the death of those three people you love art time sleeping. >> a career criminal is going to get behind the whe whether he has a piece of paper this is a cadaver not. >> especially if he's making money. lou: thank you very much. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. go to a to giving star faceboo page. join the discussion. e-mail me. tweet me. up next, the mississippi state senate has passed a law bury michael bloomberg name. it is not entirely complimentary to the -- what ty call in, the nanny billionaire. that's next. ♪ my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious.
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♪ lou: can't wait to talk to the "a-team." lawmakers and mississippi passing what they have called the anti bloomberg build. the measure would ban local communities in mississippi from requiring restaurants to post calorie counts when menus or limit portion sizes like the mayor has tried and so far failed to do a new york city. mississippi governor expected to sign the measure into law. by the way, mississippi is the nation's most obese state in the country. enough government regulation. if the customer wants a super cy something, including themselves, they have to figure out how to do it. well, ther is no telling what vice-president joe biden will say when he goes of script as usually is. unfortunately forhe vice president he may wish she hadn't this week, just this morning unveiling a new domestic violence reduction initiative in maryland. you can tell it as something to do with guns. his choice of words may have
10:48 pm
downplayed a type of domestic abuse. >> we have learned that certain behavior is on the part of the abuser pretend much more damage and other behaviors. for example, if the abuser has attempted to strangle his victim , if he has threatened to shooter, if he is sexually assaulting her, there are a number of other signs. these are telltale signs to say, this is not your garden variety slap across the face, which is totally unacceptable and of itself. lou: if you are taking notes, you can tell a lot if aan murders his wife just slapping her across the face. i mean, this is unbelievable. we tried yesterday to argue for extending the uversal background check system. we left a lot of folks scratching their heads with this . >> a fugitive from justice can still buy a gun legally unless they cross the ste line.
10:49 pm
the one person i don't want to have aeapon is a fugitive from justice. i would rather have an excelnt have access to a weapon that someone fleeing the justice system. lou: ideally. we're going to be right back with the "a-team." let me introduce the "a-team" coming right back. we are going to tell you all about it. the white house cancelling taurus. it does not end with biden. the "a-team" takes the ball of this. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture.
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lou: joining us now, the "a-team," radio talk-show host,
10:53 pm
former special assistant to president george w. bush, former reagan politicalirector, fox is political analyst. the white house press secretary says the white house canceled the tour is because -- the president said that it did not get to the white house which makes you wonder when that went. >> the president says whenever he wants you to hear. he does not care whether it's sure not. who believes that the president of the united states or his staff, not the president and self, i'm sure,ut his staff did not cancel those tourist? does anybody believe that? i don't think so. >> we have both worked at the white house. the secret service protect the president. they're wonderful people. they don't make decisions like this. this decision went to the president. no doubt about it. of course the way that the white house works. lou: he amounts, the president of the united states a liar for. >> and saying he basically misstated what the facts were. >> i'm calling him a liar.
10:54 pm
>> the 18 acres of the entire white house complex, very little of the money comes from the white house. it comes to the agencies. a secret service is funded by the apartment of common security. they would have made that recommendation. here are your list of options. they chose the one that was painful. lou: plenty of it to go around, at least as far as the administration was suggesting. let's listen to the president talk about the impact that the debt crisis and sequester and perhaps you can willis through this. first and the president. >> we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. if the sequester stays in we have got over three and a half trillion dollars of deficit reduction already. lou: the same fellow who was for five or six weeks trying to scare the disease is out of the entire country about the impact of sequestered. how do you sort that out? >> if your mindset is that you can borrow a trillion dollars every year from the chinese to
10:55 pm
meet your obligations every year , then that's how you can make those kinds of statements. absolutely one of the most observe things he has ever said, and he has been in the scare tactic the last year-and-a-half. it's ridiculous. >> not only that but to suggest that a $44 billion of cuts, over the three have trillions, of the stimulant to of a sudden this guy is going to fall? makes a much smaller occupy the oval office because he cannot predict the sky will fall and nothing happens. lou: a glimmer of hope. you take the latest polls on his approval and disapproval numbers they have actually wayne been gone down since the election significantly. maybe, maybe somebody is listening out there. maybe america is listening. it makes no sense. lou: we have just learned that mayor michael bloomberg was sitting at his media team in place st waiting for a tragedy such as newtown, conn. to occur.
10:56 pm
did. he was ready. the very first place you went when that media plan was put in action was to the john gamba and show. we will be back to finout how that happened and what happened and what about the second amendment. [ male announcer ] what?! investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on tir 401(k)s?! go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. e-trade. less for us. morfor you.
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10:59 pm
lou: well, most of the -- the second amendment -- the assault on the second amendment launched by michael bloomberg, a number of front organizations, he's financing it, and to make it look like it's a big deal, and it is a big deal, but the first thing after newtown, go after the second amendment. are you surprised to find out it was -- >> he did not go against the second amendment. he went against illegal guns and the fact that 40,000 people, american, are shot with handguns and other guns in the united states every s

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